My name is Chris De Garay, my dream one day is to make a TV show or comic series of the world i built and all the other associated material.

When i was young I always had a fascination with worlds made by writers as they offered me a chance to escape mine. From early on I made stories as a way to explain world around me as I struggled with coming to terms with others, family and their expectations. In my teens an obsession gripped me I fell in love with art. I made sculptures and painting Even going as far to do my first degree in fine art. However as I became an adult there were problems with me interacting with others. Unknowingly i was in the grips of a monster from another realm, dyslexia. I battled it i fought on the beaches, in tombs encrusted by necromantic energies but i began to fall. Not long after finishing my art degree i decided i would pursue a second in bio sciences and forensics. My belief was i could further understand people and find a bridge to humanity. I may sound crazy but boy did i enjoy studying crime. The madness of people to me seemed well worth investigating.

During that time I rekindled my love affair with story telling. Horror, science fiction, fantasy and anything that vaguely dealt with monsters on the psychological level gave me real enjoyment. This exploration revealed to me an abyss and the very real face of my own depression. I was consumed by darkness and then just grey. Everything to me lost its tang, I just didn’t care about anything. For years I roamed the world void, like a shadow that lost its master. But then one day for no reason i can understand life reached out to me I got a job in a terribly run down bingo hall. These people of the lowest calibre reminded me of my own personal value. I felt something.

So like Hercules I marched to the gym and lifted weights as if i was preparing for a war. I started writing at first just my thoughts but then I wrote more of what i wanted my life to be. Adventure and to touch the unknown. I played and tinkered until Something happened I wrote a story, it was stupid but it was mine. this story was called “The Dog That Knew To Much”. It was about a man who crashed into a pet sanctuary killing rescued animals in the crash, all because he was drunk. He soon became the target of a supernatural entity, a black dog. this dog infiltrated his life through shape-shifting and manipulated him to his death.

Daft I know but I loved it.

This gave me a taste of raw imagination let loose on an innocent keyboard. Now after a series of years my work is coalescing into one single universe, an abstract story of human experience mixed with fun for the sake of it. This work is my release from dyslexia(anti writing demon), the ruins of my former enemy mr depression(the grey) and the condition known as borderline personality disorder(The phantom of my childhood).

So if you want to follow the ramblings of a happy weirdo and his stories your in the right place.