Online everyone a guru they are all wise and all seeing, this is my experience with a world of masks. As a child in the UK there was a program I watched called “through the key hole” and you had to guess which celebrities house you were going through. Even then I couldn’t help but wonder why their houses were so tidy and perfectly arranged, no house I have ever been to was that show roomy. Whats a scruffy boy like me to do when i go on to Instagram, did you know its normal to have a 10 pack set of chest muscles?

Myself I’m a balding slightly tubby over excitable loon from one of the worlds weirdest countries, Britain. We gots all mad stuff here and general eccentricity is the norm. At first i thought it was perhaps inbreeding but thats not true as were in many ways a mixed bag or all sorts and pocket fluff. No I think our madness is the nature of the culture. Were mad because we just are. Royal family and heaps of tradition mounted on top of ages of oppression and a thin slice of cream on the top called “modern Britain” a place for the average Joe at least were told. I guess we haven’t quiet got used to the freedom Our american cousins have enjoyed for some time, or perhaps I’m assuming something there?

So the Raven people in this work are chaps that have been released into the world from from old forms of evolving slavery into the new shiny spanky form of slavery called “gimme ya money”. Bad as it sounds I thought it beats those old lords openly forcing the women in your family into “serivce” and the men into wars against other poor sods. Now in a way a world of what was previously only for the the elite is now all of a sudden for us scrubs. I walk through streets with people who would have been working in fields to them now keeping up appearances with the latest instafad and cosuming mountains of mind altering sugars. Its like old Morocco around here but barely anyone is creative.

So these now self convinced wise men and women roam the land covered in trinkets and filled with unnatural desires. To be honest I love it. Watching them dress up to sing beyonce on the bus and eat greggs pasties its weird but these times seems equal parts sad and bloody fantastic. But to make sense again before I stray too far from the point this work is about that coming to terms with the knowledge that the world is made of masks it always has been and who know may always will be.


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