Howl, the shadows call. 

Dealing with being trapped with my shadow self seems a constant battle with the lines drawn across seemingly random fronts. I feel the presence of others around me you know the normal people but behind them are shadows. Those shadows of course are mine, each one projected by me on each and every person I meet or know. When I get hungry, lonely, happy or even content there they are. As a young boy I was replaced by my father with a new family, they moved into my old room, played with my now old toys. Worst for me was to watch helplessly as my mother experienced the same.

He is a selfish man if he’s still alive that is and what bothers me more than anything he did is everything he didn’t do. I have never learned to drive, no idea really on what it is to be a man, I’m not handy around the house, he never taught me anything. Because of the helplessness I felt watching my mother suffer I now obsess over trying to cure my wife of suffering. and to my own detriment might I add.

Lets not forget the point of the artwork on show here, the point is those shadows…

With a chronic sense of fear around being abandoned the unchecked mind can see these shadows on everyone I meet. An echo of the past great betrayer hovering and mocking me. Sometimes when I’m especially mad the feeling that I’m on the run seems to take hold. I cant stand the dark sometimes as I remember somehow those homeless house to house days and fear of being on the streets at night. But the now older me knows they are only echos and that the real dragon snuffed it years ago when I removed my father from my life.

Now these shadows are rare but I do identify as a demon or monster hunter of sorts. I am here to find and end as many of these vampire like echos as possible before I become an echo myself.


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