This is Mitsy – my first experiment with fur.

Originally, the little body underneath her fur was supposed to be the prototype for some mini dolls with movable arms that I wanted to make.

But as so often happens with creative projects – it didn’t quite happen! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I overload myself with things I want to do until it gets to a point where I’m so overwhelmed that I just have to have a break from it… and by the time the break should be over, something new and shiny has captured my attention. Sound familiar to anyone?

Don’t get me wrong – I love Mitsy! She represents my first foray into furry creatures, and captures that joy I felt of – “Wow this is fun, why did I never think of doing this before??”

But it’s fun to remind yourself sometimes that although not every project blossoms into a finished masterpiece, it’s still a worthwhile part of the journey. I had a whole range of designs I wanted to create, like these:

I even had an idea for a fold-out playhouse for them! The characters were going to be the inhabitants of ‘Ghastley Castle’ – a hotel run by a family of ghosts. Invisible to humans, the ghost family recruited this bunch of misfit, little monsters posed as humans to keep the hotel open and thereby stop it from being demolished. But since they all had their own magical powers to help with the upkeep of the house and gardens, it was going to be difficult to keep the humans from discovering them..


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