My First Plush!

I’m so excited to share this adorable pup with you! I’ve had so much going on in my life for what feels like forever, but is actually only a few months. There’s been a family illness, an unemployed husband, a hectic time at work and most recently the prospect of having to move house because our landlord wants to sell – so that all in all I fell off the wagon creatively.

And you know what? That’s ok.

Some of us creatives get into the habit of beating ourselves for not expressing creative genius 24/7 (been there and worn the t-shirt, sometimes still do!). But in the grander picture of our human hierarchy of needs, you do sometimes have to get the bigger life stuff sorted before you can chill and create.

And it’s given me a bit of time out to think about what I want to do more of, which is this – fantasy creature plushies! As soon as I made this little cub, I felt like, “Wow! I want to do more of this!”

Snowflake is loosely inspired by the pet you can get playing World of Warcraft (yes, I am a bit nerdy and play computer games), but look how cute he is!

So I found this excellent pattern on Deviant Art by Voodoo-Tiki and set about trying it out for myself. First, I made a wire armature and wrapped it in wadding. Then, I sewed most of the fur pieces together, leaving enough of an opening down the center of the body to first the armature in. Finally, I sewed up the middle by hand, dyed the fur with fabric markers and added the eyes and nose.

Now I can’t wait to make another one. What’s next – a unicorn or a squirrel? Well see! ☺♥

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