Dolls In Armour – something we want to see more of?

Well, my answer to this is quite simply yes! I would like to see more dolls in armour, simply because it’s just so cool. Like these dolls Mattel have released for the upcoming release of the Wonder Woman movie in June 2017.

Wonder Woman Movie Doll 2017 (Mattel)
Queen Hippolyta from Wonder Woman Movie 2017 (Mattel)
Antiope from Wonder Woman Barbie Doll












Don’t get me wrong, I love pretty dolls, kawaii dolls, fashion and couture dolls, but it’s nice to see something different, something that’s usually confined to the realms of action figures. I love women being represented as warriors, quite simply because it feels empowering. I think the armour can be functional and realistic or fantastical and sexy (or a mix of both, even) because ultimately, I think dolls represent aspects of our imaginations that we wish we could explore in real life. They don’t have to always be 100% realistic. (And if you’re me then the stranger, the better!)

Oh dear, I think I’m getting a little too deep here!

Anyway, this is sort of the background motivation for wanting to make Ghoulia into a warrior goddess. So here’s how I’m getting on!

When I’d finished shaping the head spiral, I had a bit of modelling putty left over, so I thought,”Why don’t I use this for the ears, instead of letting it go to waste?”

Let me share some wisdom with you – don’t use up putty for the sake of it on a delicate area. I’ve already managed to break the ears off while sanding and sculpting other parts, so I really should have left them until last. Now I’ll have to do them again, but ah well, you learn by doing don’t you? ^_^

I’ve moulded a more substantial forehead to make her look a little more otherworldly, and I’m really looking forward to getting started on her faceup.

But before I can even think about that there’s plenty more sculpting to do. When you’re still learning like I am, it just takes you that bit longer to get the shapes how you want them. Do you know what I’m talking about? If you do – high five! We’re in the same boat!

So here’s how the chest armour pieces are progressing:

They’re a little rough and need smoothing and sanding, but so far so good. In the recessed parts I’m going to add some fine detail swirls and shapes, but I’m planning to use another modelling compound called green stuff for this (which you can buy here). If you haven’t used it before, it’s often used for modelling miniatures like Warhammer, so it’s really good for tiny fine detail. What’s really cool about it is that it’s more rubbery in texture than Apoxie, but because of this it doesn’t hold its shape in large surfaces very well. So I’d only use it for smaller pieces.

I’ve added upper and lower arm pieces and thigh coverings as well. Now I just need to do some shin guards, add details to them all and then I can get started on the shoes, painting the armour pieces and then sewing the fabric and leather. So not much left to do… haha! 😀


If you enjoyed reading this even just a tiny bit as much as I enjoyed sharing it, please do let me know! Have you ever tried sculpting a doll head? What materials do you use? Share some love with a like or a comment below!

Kay x



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