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Making footwear for your dolls can seem like a tricky task, but this handy, fully detailed tutorial will show you how you can make your own adorable little boots for your favourite mini guys and girls!

24 thoughts on “Doll Boot Tutorial”

  1. Great tutorial! My shoe making adventures have always lead to much screaming and cursing, but this actually doesn't look too bad. Lol πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Mandy,
    I say just go for it! It's really do-able, and not as difficult as you might expect.
    Feel free to let me know how you get on, I'd love to see some pics! πŸ˜€
    Take care,
    Kiki xx

  3. I don't know how I stumbled upon your shoe tutorial blog, Kiki, but I sure am very delight that I did. I must say that I'm impress with your easy to follow methods in making these awesome pair of boots. Definitely worth trying!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Kiki. xx

  4. Hi Erika, thanks for your comment!

    Yes, tiny fastenings are a tricky thing to find! I'm in the UK and I order my 3mm eyelets from Grin & Craft it at: http://www.grinandcraftit.co.uk/product-category/eyelets/, but there are other craft shops that stock them usually in the section for making greeting cards & papercrafting.

    I've not yet been able to find tiny zippers yet either. I've often relied on micro-velcro which is also quite tricky to find unless you recycle the micro-velcro strips off Barbie clothes. However, if you're the US, I know of http://www.zipperthatdoll.com/hookloop.html, who do stock micro-velcro. It is definitely useful stuff as it's not 'fluffy' like normal velcro but very smooth and thin. They do also stock zippers, but I have no idea how small these may or may not be…

    I also rely on tiny buttons and snap fastenings, which you can get at http://www.mylittlecustoms.com/Doll_Buttons/cat635041_576219.aspx. Again she is a UK shop, but she does ship worldwide too. This shop also has lots of mini buttons: http://www.gregory-knopp.co.uk/acatalog/Tiny_Buttons.html, but I haven't tried this shop yet.

    Hope that helps and good luck! Let me know if you make any new discoveries along the way! πŸ˜‰
    Take care xx

  5. Excellent tutorial. I found you from Pinterest! Love that site! Very addictive but soooo many ideas for dolls. Thanks for sharing, you made it seem not quite as hard as it looks. Look forward to seeing more.
    Victoria, BC Canada

  6. Thank you, THANK YOU. I've been wanting to make boots for my girl for so long, and this is a really helpful tutorial. I'm glad I stumbled upon this.

  7. Your boots are amazing!!!. I have purchased all of the tools you have made a summary and hope to be making my own Dr.Martins very soon for my fabric dolls. My first attempts at making any kind of shoe or boot for a doll truly awful and abandoned my projects. Like yourself, I have a vast interest in all kinds of creativity yet wish to establish myself as a multi-media artist and hope to have my own website soon.
    Thanks enormously for your tutorial it will help me hugely with my bootie projects – BlackRavenClothing Corneille Long Boots are my ultimate goal!.

  8. hello,
    I am bad at english and I want to buy all this stuff to make holes in shoes but I don;t know hot to buy the good ones πŸ™
    how big are this eyelets that you are using ? I found at etsy.com a 1/16''
    and than I only found Revolving Punch Pliers that is 2mm
    And what about Eyelet Setter wchich one will be good for so small eyelets ? please can you somehow help me ? If I will buy mac 10 mm will it also work for so small ones?

  9. Hi Ewelina,

    Thanks for your questions, sorry about my late response!
    The eyelets I used were 3mm, which is about 1/8". But Revolving Punch pliers can be too big for making holes this small. For tiny holes I use a pair of small, very sharp embroidery scissors instead. I make 2 tiny cuts crossed like an X where I want the hole, trim the points and push the eyelet through. This works well on leather as it stretches and doesn't fray like fabric. But for 1/16" eyelets, maybe you can just puncture the leather with a large needle?
    I don't know about an Eyelet Setter for 1/16" eyelets either, sorry. For that size I would probably improvise with needle-nosed pliers…

    Hope this helps and good luck! πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks Shikira Clare! Sounds great, sounds like we have a lot in common! If you want to link your website here, feel free.
    Those long boots are fab, would be great to see how you get on!
    Best of luck πŸ˜€

  11. Thank you so much for making this tutorial!!!! I'd only had Damy for three days but she definitely needed boots, so over the Thursday and Friday I made these for her <3 They still definitely need soles, and I will eventually make her a more accurate pair for her character in a deep red leather and work out all the kinks that my pattern had, but I'm so happy with these for now. Your tutorial was so straightforward to follow which was great because I wouldn't have bothered otherwise as I would have been scared off. Thank you so much for this xx

    Hope this link works, here's the boots I made:

  12. Hi there,
    Thanks so much for your kind comments! I'm so pleased you found it useful, and that it helped you make an adorable pair of boots for Damy – congrats! They look fab! ☺β™₯

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